Magnificent Slash Shorts #1

An all-Chris/Vin slash zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes, and are under 10 pages in length. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Like Lickin' Butter off a Knife (by SueN) Old West. Chris's thought about Vin following the pilot and "One Day Out West." (8)

So Much Fer Easy (by SueN) Old West. Vin's thought about Chris following the pilot and "One Day Out West." (8)

Still Waters (by Tarlan) Old West, a missing scene from "Working Girls." Vin's thought about Chris. (6)

No More Words (by mcat) Old West, post the end of the series. Chris and Vin discover they don't need words to express their feelings. (3)

Without You (by Tarlan) Old West. A night on the trail opens Chris' eyes to possibilities he hadn't considered before. (8)

A Warm Fire to Soothe the Souls (by mcat) Old West. A cold night and a warm fire set the mood. (3)

A Little Lonely (by Tarlan) Old West. Vin leaves Four Corners, but he can't stay away for too long. (7)

Wish Upon a Star (by mcat) Old West. A night spent out under the stars. (3)

Finest Years (by Tarlan) Old West. When Vin finds Chris with someone else, he realizes the depths of his feelings. (4)

Sweet Dreams (by RubyJ) ATF Denver. Chris gives thanks. (2)

The Date (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris saves Vin from a blind date gone bad, but things work out better than either man anticipated. (5)

Afternoon Delight (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin's still recuperating, but a little TLC never hurt anyone. (4)

Boys and Their Toys (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris brings Vin some new toys. (4)

Like a Prayer (by Tarlan) ATF Denver. Vin's thoughts about Chris. (4)

Not on the Menu (by mcat) ATF Denver. Chris and Vin try out a new restaurant and enjoy themselves. (5)

Deer in the Headlights (by Storm) ATF Denver. A tie-up on the freeway leads to finding ways to pass the time. (3)

Fresh Air (by mcat) ATF Denver. A trip into the woods turns deadly for Vin. (9)

Chocolate Covered Cowboy (by Kaed) ATF Denver. One little slip and Team Seven's sniper is dipped. Luckily his boss sees to it he's also licked. (6)

Sucking Up (by mcat) ATF Denver. When Vin wants something he knows how to get it. (5)

It's a Small World After All (by mcat) ATF Denver. A trip to Disney World takes an unexpected turn for Chris and Vin. (4)

Denim Dreams (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris is thinking about Vin, but he's not seeing what he's looking at. (4)

114 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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