Magnificent Slash Shorts #3

An all-Chris/Vin slash zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes, and are under 10 pages in length. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

In the Still of the Night (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin's been hurt, but Chris is there for some TLC. (5)

The Morning Dawn (by Kaed) ATF Denver, a sequel to "In the Still of the Night." Vin wakes the next morning and needs some more TLC. (4)

Afternoon Delight (by Kaed) ATF Denver, a sequel to "The Morning Dawn." Vin is feeling a little better. (4)

The Cool of the Evening (by Kaed) ATF Denver, a sequel to "Afternoon Delight." The partners close out the day, together. (5)

Giving Comfort (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris needs some TLC and Vin is there to provide it. (4)

The Closet (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin is trapped in a closet and Chris has to talk him through it. (5)

The Promise (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Vin is sitting vigil at Chris's bedside. (6)

Sundial (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris comes home to find a surprise waiting for him. (3)

Tongue Lashing (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris gets a tongue lashing. (3)

Where You get Your Appetite (by Kaed) ATF Denver. A little movie watching does wonders for Vin. (3)

Speechless! (by mcat) ATF Denver. Vin ends up with a painful problem. (4)

Manly Sex (by mcat) ATF Denver. Vin makes Chris say please. (1)

Sharing Blankets (by Thistle) Old West. Buck has some words of advice for Chris. (1)

Early Riser (by Kaed) Old West. JD gets an eyeful. (2)

His Knees (by mcat) Old West. Observations on knees. (1)

Questions and Answers (by mcat) Old West. Just what the title says! (1)

Can't Hurt Me No Worse (by mcat) Old West. Vin shows up at the cabin, hurt. (7)

Possession (by mcat) Old West. Sometimes you just have to own someone. (3)

Leaving (by mcat) Old West. Vin stops Chris from leaving. (1)

Relief (by mcat) Old West. A scare has Chris acting out. (2)

Dreams and Reality (by mcat) Old West. Sometimes it's hard to tell dreams from reality. (3)

You Know You Want It (by mcat) Old West. Sometimes it's best to just surrender. (2)

What It Takes (by mcat) Old West. If you have the key, the lock can't stand. (3)

Once Upon a Time (by mcat) Old West. Some thoughts on beginnings and ends. (1)

Sated (by mcat) Old West. Just some good lovin'. (2)

Mirrors (by Tarlan) Old West. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. (2)

Sure Fingers (by Tarlan) Old West. Love those hands! (1)

Hot Summer Days (by Tarlan) Old West. Sometimes you just have to find the best way to pass the time when it's hot. (1)

Sestina: A Tracker's Heart (by Tarlan) Old West. A poem. (2)

Keeping Warm (by Tarlan) Old West. When it's cold, there are better and worse ways of trying to get warm. (10)

Real People (by Tarlan) Old West. Sometimes it's hard when the people you know become too real. (12)

114 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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