Jerry's Boy Toys

A multi-media slash zine dedicated to the wonderful TV series and films created by exec. producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Thanksgiving Memories (by Eby) CSI Las Vegas (Grissom/Warrick). A Thanksgiving potluck leads to some interesting revelations. (11)

Double-Blind (by Eby) CSI Las Vegas (Grissom/Warrick). Warrick is having second thoughts about his feeling for Gill. (5)

Recriminations (by Eby) CSI Las Vegas (Grissom/Warrick). Grissom realizes he's made some mistakes. (2)

Ramifications (by Eby) CSI Las Vegas (Grissom/Warrick). The heated words of before lead to a break-up, but when Warrick goes down on the job, true feelings finally rise to the fore. (31)

Fate (by Eby) CSI Las Vegas (Grissom/Warrick). Warrick is feeling guilty about what happened to Nick. (2)

Common Ground (by Paige Aaron) CSI New York (Mac/Sheldon). When Sheldon is injured, Mac and he discover that they have more in common than they knew, but that doesn't make things they're feeling any easier to deal with. (65)

126 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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