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Plain Brown Wrapper #1

A multi-media slash zine originally published by Red Queen Press.

The Discipline of Love (by Victoria Stanton) The Equalizer. Control has a bone to pick with Mickey and he has an interesting way of going about it! (8)

Partnership (by Mary L. Millard) Starsky and Hutch. When Starsky notices that his partner is acting strange, he sets out to uncover why. (10)

Promises (by Misty Mayfair) Quantum Leap. Al is late, and Sam isn't happy. (4)

Flying on the Ground is Wrong (by Dumuzi Gilgomesh) War of the Worlds. Harrison remembers how a hot summer night changed his life. (16)

Partners, Buddies, and Friends (by Gena Fisher) Professionals. A look at Bodie and Doyle's relationship from a third person point of view. (6)

Beginnings (by Lucinda Kerr) The Equalizer. Can Scott find the courage to tell Harley how he feels? (21)

Aftermath (by Doreen Tracy) Quantum Leap. Al grieves for Sam's death, but they might have a second chance. (10)

Comfort in a Lonely Night (by Leah Starsky) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch is hurting after Gillian's death, but his partner is there for him. (4)

1-900-555-4200 (by Denyse) The Equalizer. Gage misses one of Scott's performances, and the young man is a little upset. (14)

A Night With Blake (by Airelle) Multi-media crossover. Only reading this story can explain this story! (5)

Desert Fantasy (by Ruby) Professionals. An alternative universe story. Prince Bodee is in for a rude awakening when he loses his status. (14)

The Adventure of the Serviceable Physician (by Gypsy) Sherlock Holmes. Watson relates the tale of how his relationship with Holmes changed. (20)

142 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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