Compadres #10

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.


The Secret's Cabin (by Deyna W. Greywolf) The Quest. The Beaudine brothers are on the trail of their sister when they cross paths with a bear. Quintin learns more about his brother. (10)

Trio (by Carol MelAmbassador) Legend. A tantalizing peek into the relationship between the professor, Ramos and Pratt. (2)

Action Adventure

Breaching the Wall (by Lessa Warren) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky makes a visit to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial to lay some ghosts to rest and gets a pleasant surprise. (5)

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation (by Sioned Dannan) Riptide. Nick is assigned to train five ROTC cadets and ends up caught in a crossfire. (24)

Revelations (by Lee Seibert) Houston Knights. A missing scene. Some insights from Lundy's point of view. (3)

A Dish Served Cold (by Nancy Platte) Jake and the Fatman.. When Jake is kidnapped, McCabe and Derek are left with nothing to do but wait, and then the bad news comes: Jake's been found. (21)

My Choice (by Alison Wilson) Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker is told he will see a psychiatrist, but the question is why? (18)

The Island of the Hunted (by R. Robin) Counterstrike and Manimal. An evil woman is killing big cats. Professor Jonathan Chase has a South Pacific island full of big cats. The woman asks Alexander Addington for help buying said island, but in walks Peter Sinclair, then all hell breaks lose. (47)

Science Fiction

Cherokee Healing Lake (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. A sequel to "Close Quarters Drill" in Compadres #9. Harrison is dying and nothing anyone can do will help. Well, maybe. Enter Paul Ironhorse, recently assigned away from the war of the worlds due to an injury. Can Paul find a secret from his people's past in time to save his best friend? (18)

Consequences (by name withheld at author's request) Quantum Leap. Sam's changed history again. And all that's left for Al is to wait and see what the consequences are. (5)

The Finer Points (by Cheryl Benson) Babylon 5. A piece of speculation between scenes. (3)

In Harm's Way (by Valerie DeVries) Star Trek: Voyager. Paris is beaten. Janeway is confused. And everyone is in trouble! (8)

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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