Compadres #11

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.

Westerns (In the Past)

If Wishes Were Horses (by Paula Smus) Hercules. Hera sends an assassin after her step-son, but his poisoned blade finds Iolaus instead. With his best friend dying, Hercules calls on two old friends and a wise healer to save Iolaus' life. (7)

The Survivor (by Sara Falcioni) Wild Wild West. Jim and Arty mourn Lincoln's passing in their own unique way. (3)

Blood Brothers (by Deyna Greywolf) The Quest. Quintin and Morgan are captured by men who plan to trade them for horses and a squaw, but the tables are turned when the war chief who finds them is an old friend of Morgan's. (11)

A Way Home (by Jody Norman) Lancer. A tag to the series' pilot. Lancer has been saved from the land pirates, but what will the truth of Johnny's involvement mean for his future? (8)

Action Adventure

Soul in Exile (by Harmony Miller) Street Justice. After being shot, Adam travels to a nightmarish limbo where he learns that he might have killed an innocent man – well, innocent of killing Adam's partner, at least. Back among the living, the detective pushes Malloy and Grady away, afraid to tell them the ugly truth, and doubting his own future. (13)

Keys to the Soul (by Jody Norman) Lethal Weapon. A missing scene from the first movie. Roger considers what he's inherited when partnered with Martin Riggs. (2)

Acting Lessons (by Lessa Warren) Walker, Texas Ranger. A missing scene. Walker's been kidnapped and a federal agent killed. Trivette and the fed's partner team up to find Walker before it's too late. (9)

Attacking Trees and Earthquakes (by Alison Wilson) Walker, Texas Ranger. Trivette totals his car, but Walker is there to help – if Trivette will let him. (4)

Science Fiction

Touch From the Hand of a Friend (by Rhianna Corke) Quantum Leap. Sam leaps into a kidnapper who's had a change of heart. Now the kidnapper is dying and Sam and Al have to find his victims before it's too late. (11)

The Discovery (by Fliss Davies) Planet of the Apes and Highlander. Thinking Richie is Pete, then another astronaut, Alan and Galen rescue him from the clutches of the apes. They're wrong on both counts, but Richie does have some important news for Pete – he's an Immortal and in desperate need of some training. (21)

One Step Closer (by P.J.D.R. Ford) Planet of the Apes. Pete, Alan and Galen escape an ape patrol only to end up in an old city with a well-protected secret. Discovering the nature of that secret nearly costs Alan his life. (54)

El Conquistador (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. Triathletes are disappearing and only the aliens can be behind it. Ironhorse does the only thing he can; he enters Tucson's El Conquistador Triathalon and prays he gets kidnapped. Too bad his prayers are answered... (29)

Plus poetry by Laura Brush, Peta-Jo Ford, and Teri Sarick.

184 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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