Compadres #12

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.

Action Adventure

The Prisoner Affair (by Sue Ann Sarick) The Man From UNCLE and The Prisoner. Illya and Napoleon are sent to a small island prison to rescue one of the inmates. The problem: he doesn't want to leave. (15)

Flip Side (by Catherine Schlein) Emergency! Johnny and his latest girlfriend go out for a picnic. She dumps it, it rains, and he's caught in a landslide. Good thing Roy's looking for him! (12)

The List (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch might be in the hospital, but he's left Starsky a list. . . (2)

A Drink of Water (by Alison Wilson) Magnum PI. A missing scene. (1)

Death Dreams (by J.L. Scott) Street Justice. Old Kim wants revenge on the detective who put him behind bars, but killing Adam Beaudreaux would be too easy, better to drive Grady over the edge and watch Adam suffer. . . (17)

Forgotten Son (by Alison Wilson) Hardcastle and McCormick. A tag. Mark's feeling a little down after meeing his real father, but the Judge is there to cheer him up. (3)

Hide and Seek (by Lessa Warren) The Burning Zone Michael Hailey and Dan Cassian have a bet, but it might just cost Hailey his life. (11)

Scrutiny (by Rachel Squire) The Sentinel. When Jim's hurt Blair finds a way to help, but the results might leave the grad student bald... (8)

Science Fiction

Legends (by Sheila Paulson) The Real Ghostbusters and The Sentinel. The Ghostbusters, on vacation in Washington state, run into drug dealers, newlyweds, and a sentinel and his guide. Oh, and we can't forget murder, kidnapping, and did I mention Big Foot? (43)

The Gifts (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. Ironhorse is called home to North Carolina where he meets the Cherokee Little People and receives some gifts... (7)

Paper Hero (by Lyria Hall) Alien Nation. Matt is hurting after facing his father for the first time in years, but George is there for him... (9)

The Perfect Leap (by Teri Sarick) Quantum Leap. Sam finds himself leaping through time and running into a strange young woman who claims to be his daughter. Can she finally bring him home? (24)

The Trip to the Nineties (by Laura Michaels) Mixed Media. Bogg and Jeffrey (Voyager) land in the 1980s only to meet two time-travelling teens called Bill and Ted, and two ex-outlaws who call themselves Smith and Jones. Too bad the Omni's still red! (11)

Plus X-Files cartoons by Leah Rosenthal.

212 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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