Compadres #16

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.

World War II

Losing and Winning (by Cathy Ott) Garrison's Gorillas. Chief is injured and might have to leave the team. (10)

Going Home (by Cathy Ott) Garrison's Gorillas. The war is over and the Gorillas are going home. But going home for Chief is a little more complicated than he expects. (30)

Action Adventure

One of Those Days (by K Hanna Korossy & Maria Farina) Starsky and Hutch. Let's just say that Hutch is having one of those days. You know, the kind where anything that CAN go wrong WILL go wrong? (15)

First Homecoming (by Christine Jeffords) Simon and Simon. A childhood era story. Rick finally makes it home after spending some time in Mexico, time that made him a man and gave him a direction for his life. (30)

Force of Nature (by Mary Bloemker) Shadow Chasers. Benny kidnaps Jonathan and leaves him to die. And that's just the start of the adventure for these two shadow chasers. If they both survive, it'll be a miracle! (26)

Detour (by Teri Sarick) Due South. Fraser and Ray are lost in the great white north, and only they could find salvation where they do! (6)

Fortitudo (by Kathleen A. Klatte) SOF: Special Ops Force. The team is called on to rescue hostages from Iran. Things get a little complicated when they can't tell the good guys who they really are. (18)

In the Grip (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A mission to rescue American and Colombian hostages from a drug lord's stronghold becomes more complicated when Margo becomes sick. (26)

166 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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