Compadres #18

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.


Pony (by Lynn Harvey) Magnificent Seven. While out on the trail, JD pushes Chris a little too far. But as a result, Vin learns how Chris' horse got his name. (3)

Prey (by Lynn Harvey) Magnificent Seven. Chris and Vin are out on a hunt, problem is, the prey is hunting them, too. Chris fights to save Vin's life. (12)

Happy Birthday, Hannibal Heyes (by Drena Hills) Alias Smith and Jones. The Kid picks a very special present for Heyes' birthday, and it comes wrapped in memories. (14)

There in the Darkness (by Lynn Harvey) Magnificent Seven. When it looks like Vin is dying, Chris sends for Miss Nettie... (4)

A Favor for the Friend of a Friend (by Lynn Gill) Alias Smith and Jones and Wildside. Heyes and Curry agree to help a friend of the Governor's, but they had no idea that friend was also a Governor, and a man with friends of his own. (20)

Gone Fishin' (by Lynn Harvey) Magnificent Seven. Chris and Vin take a little trip and end up drunk as skunks. (8)

Action Adventure

Far From Home (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Hutch thinks he's responsible for the death of a suspect, and that's hard for him to live with. But he has at least one person who's on his side – his partner. (16)

Pilgrims, Parties & Partners (by Lynn Gill) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma have a disagreement over Thanksgiving. (4)

A Walk in the Garden: Aconite (by Kathleen A. Klatte) JAG. Mac has been kidnapped, and Harm and Clay are fighting a deadline to find her in time. (13)

First Person (by Kathleen A. Klatte) The West Wing. A "what if" story written before we knew how the first season cliff-hanger turned out. There is a question on who lived and who died. (3)

Reflections (by Kathleen A. Klatte) The West Wing. Part two of the "what if" – Good news and the start of a new relationship. (3)

Reconstruction (by Kathleen A. Klatte) The West Wing. Part three of the "what if" – Sometimes the hardest part is surviving. (13)

A Community Service (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Father Bob asks for the team's help and they can't say no, although everyone but Margo wishes they could! (12)

Science Fiction

Promises to Keep (by M.D. Bloemker) Shadow Chasers. When Benny sells his soul to the Devil, it's Jon who ends up with Hell to pay. (13)

See Amid the Winter's Snow (by Sheila Paulson) Real Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters investigate a haunted house, and Peter disappears. While the others race to save their missing comrade, Peter comes face-to-face with a ghost. (36)

The Christmas Star (by Kathleen A. Klatte) FarScape. John tells Aeryn Sun about Christmas, and hopes he can pull off his own miracle. (7)

188 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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