Compadres #3

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams. A special all-Science Fiction issue.

Shadows (by Carol Mingst) Alias Smith and Jones and Amber. Heyes and Curry have an encounter with a dragon. (30)

The Wreck (by Sheila Paulson) The Real Ghostbusters. While investigating a haunting the Ghostbusters run into trouble, and a serious car accident. (40)

Office Temp of a Lesser God (by Dee Beetem and Margaret McNickle) The Real Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters hire an office temp when Jeanine take some time off, and as a result Egon discovers some secrets about his past. (31)

The Gettysburg Address (by Brenda Anders) The Real Ghostbusters and War of the Worlds. The Ghostbusters are at Gettysburg to do a little research, but the aliens are there, too. When Ray is hurt in the battle, Peter feels responsible. Can Ironhorse get through to the man? (62)

Thy Rod and Thy Staff (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. The aliens are testing a new biological weapon and Ironhorse is exposed. The Blackwood Project race against time to keep the Colonel from dying. (41)

Rogan's Dog (by Sue Collins) Werewolf. Can a werewolf really be tamed? Rogan thinks so, and he's determined to find out. (27)

Memory Addition (by Christine Wirick) Quantum Leap. Sam leaps home again, but is he ready to learn an ugly truth about his past, and more importantly, can he stop it from happening again? (10)

Valley of the Shadow (by Krista Lebednik) Quantum Leap. Sam leaps home, but he's also dying. Will he and Al be able to make the really hard choices? (10)

Code of Silence (by Sue Williams) Alien Nation. Matt is kidnapped and drugged. Will his own nightmares destroy him, or will George be able to reach him in time? (14)

Pictures of the Mind (by Cheryl Benson) Star Trek: The Next Generation. A short story that looks into hidden pasts... (7)

Plus poetry by Marcia Brin, Melva L. Giffords, Sue-Anne Hartwick, Carol MelAmbassador, and Lana G. Merkel. Art work by Anja Gruber, Margaret McNickle, Lana G. Merkel, Sharon M. Plamer, and Sue Williams.

270 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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