Compadres #4

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams. A special all-Action Adventure issue.

B.A.R. (by Susan Asselin) Combat. Sanders is hurt, but he manages to find his B.A.R. (8)

A Silent Cry (by Valerie DeVries) Dirty Dozen: The Series. Feke and Leeds are captured and sent to a German POW camp. Can the rest of the Dozen rescue them in time? (24)

Flash Gordon Never Dies (by Lynn Gill) Dirty Dozen: The Series. A secret mission in Germany goes wrong and Danko is nearly killed. Luckily he gets some help from a few unexpected sources. (20)

A Father's Love (by Karen Rhodes) Hawaii Five-O. The murder of a young child has Chin a little rattled, but that's just the beginning of this insightful tale. (17)

Sharing (by Mary L. Millard) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky's out of the hospital after Gunther's attack, and he's ready to start a new life, with a little help from Hutch. (4)

Season of Miracles (by Lessa Warren) Starsky and Hutch. Things aren't going too well for the two partners, but suffering does build character... (7)

From the Heart (by Mary L. Millard) Starsky and Hutch. The partners learn that friendship is a treasure beyond all measure. (7)

Name of the Lost (by Gena Fisher) Professionals. Adventures abound when Bodie and Doyle spend a night in a cemetery. (8)

Case Closed (by Carol MelAmbassador) Magnum PI. A short story. (2)

To Protect and Serve and If You Could Know What I Know (by Melinda Reynolds) Hardcastle and McCormick. Two missing scenes. (13)

Transcending the Barriers (by Annie E. Emley) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma find themselves caught up in a nasty hostage situation. (10)

Time Enough (by Lessa Warren) Lethal Weapon 2. A post-recovery story. Riggs comes to terms with Rika's death. (9)

The Surprise (by Sue-Anne Hartwick) Lethal Weapon. A short story. (4)

Walkin' Talkin' Miracle (by Lynn Gill) Lethal Weapon. Riggs is back to work, but right back in trouble, only this time it's going to take help from the dead to save him. And the living can only wait. (18)

The Favor: Bequeathed (by Lynn Gill) Stingray. Ray just wanted a few days to recover from a mission gone bad, what he finds is a new friend, and trouble. (22)

Back in Russia Affair (by Tammy L. Croft) The Man From UNCLE. Illya's in Russia when the Soviet Union falls. (7)

Enigma (by Krista Lebednik) MacGyver. Mac gets some help from Father Pat. (12)

204 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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