Compadres #6

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.


Manhood (by Jill Collins) Young Riders. Cody makes arrangements to expand Ike's horizons, but no one is really pleased with the idea, even Ike. (13)

The Tornado (by Jill Collins) Young Riders and Bonanza. When Ike is trapped in the barn after a tornado, it takes more than just the riders to get him out. Good thing Ben Cartwright and his boys are in Sweetwater. (24)

Unwelcome Change (by Carol Mingst) Alias Smith and Jones. Stranger things have happened to Hannibal Heyes, but Kid Curry would be hard pressed to guess what. What does one of the most successful outlaws in the history of the West do when he wakes up a woman? (26)

World War II

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Time (by Valerie DeVries) Jericho. The Jericho team have to infiltrate a German hospital to see what the Nazis are up to now, but nothing is ever as easy as it sounds. (20)

Action Adventure

Test Results (by Lessa Warren) Professionals. Doyle's been shot, but he's finally ready to return to duty. The question is: Is Bodie ready for Doyle to return to duty? (9)

Just Another Christmas in Cowboyland (by Lynn Gill) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma are both thinking about past Christmases while they're stuck working over the current one. (6)

Father's Day (by Sue-Ann Hartwick) Lethal Weapon. Riggs and Roger are out fishing, and dealing with problems. (4)

Unaware (by Gretchen Felix) Houston Knights. A case from LaFiamma's past comes back to haunt him, complete with witches and ritual sacrifices. He survived the first time, but it's up for grabs this time. (23)

Thoughts at a Wedding (by Lessa Warren) Lethal Weapon 3. A peek into Roger's thoughts on his partner's wedding day. (1)

Lean on Me (by Lessa Warren) Houston Knights. LaFiamma's anniversary in Houston arrives, and with it a change in the detective's mood. Can Lundy uncover the reason for his partner's sudden depression, or is he the cause? (19)

Sore Thoughts (by Llyr Chaves, Angelica Cooper-Smith & Lynn Gill) The Devlin Connection. An old nemesis returns to haunt Brian and he targets Devlin's one weakness - Nick - in order to hurt him. But is that the real truth? (20)

Science Fiction

Thin Ice (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. Harrison Blackwood and Colonel Ironhorse are chasing aliens in a remote section of the Sierra Nevada mountains when the California drought finally breaks. Snow covers the area in waves of severe storms. It looks like the aliens might win this round, unless Harrison can keep Ironhorse alive long enough for the Omegans to return for them before the next major blizzard hits. (26)

Plus poetry by Tammy L. Croft. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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