Compadres #7

A multi-media gen zine for TV series with buddies and teams.


Rattlesnake (by Rowena Warner) Roy Rogers. A pretty viper from back East has her eye on Roy, and Dale isn't helping the situation. (32)

Worth Mentioning (by Alison Wilson) Gunsmoke. Matt Dillon is back in Dodge, the trouble is, there's always more work to be done... (7)

World War II

Professor Plum, In the Cooler, with a Bouncing Betty (by Cheryl Benson) Dirty Dozen: The Series and Hogan's Heroes. The Dirty Dozen go to Germany to rescue a friend of Danko's, getting help from Colonel Hogan and his merry band. (14)

Action Adventure

There's No Place Like... (by Cindy Rancourt) Starsky and Hutch. Starsky's recovering from Gunther's near-fatal attack, and Hutch knows it's time for a serious life-change. Will Starsky go along with Hutch's plans, the blond is determined to make sure he does. (85)

Too Dangerous To Know (by Lessa Warren) A missing scene from Houston Knights. Lundy might have saved his new partner's life, but now he's having second thoughts about the man. (4)

Emotional Involvement (by Lessa Warren) A missing scene from Houston Knights. LaFiamma's latest lady friend is dead, drowned in her own pool, and the cops suspect Joey might have had a hand in her death. (11)

Lex-Talions (by Theresa Evans) Wiseguy. When Vinnie is shot, Frank and Lifeguard do all they can to help him, but they need help, and Roger Loccoco is the only one they can trust. (35)

Science Fiction

Won't You Come Home? (by Gillian Holt and Llyr Chaves) War of the Worlds and Dirty Dozen: The Series. Ironhorse and Blackwood find themselves caught between a medieval castle full of German soldiers and a gypsy-cursed American commando unit sent to infiltrate the castle and retrieve the wreckage of an experimental German plane that is really an alien warship. (20)

232 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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