Over the Edge

A multi-media zine with original fiction, gen fiction and slash fiction.

Original Fiction

The Diary (by Rachel Travis) Details a few days in the life of a young woman heading west on a wagon train. Romantic overtones. (4)

The Walk (by Carrie Kroft) A romantic fantasy that comes true. (1)

Little Dogs and Rag Girls (by Karla Gifford) A slightly dark tale of a young girl abandoned by her mother and the toy that helps her find a new family. (7)

Slash Fiction

A Night of Memories (by Mary L. Millard) Wild Wild West. Jim West isn't acting quite normal, and when Artie finds out why a whole new world of possibilities opens up. (6)

The Real Thing (by Khylara) The Man From UNCLE. Illya might have found a way to hide his feelings, but it can't last forever. (9)

The Real Thing (by Leah Starsky) Starsky and Hutch. It's a wedding day and you're invited. (2)

To Move Heaven and Earth (by Duval) Houston Knights. LaFiamma is grabbed by fanatics and it's up to Lundy to save him. (15)

Boy Toy (by Smythe) War of the Worlds. Norton Drake and the colonel discover that they share something in common. (8)

Bad Penny (by M.A. Calhoon) War of the Worlds. A "correction" to the second season that reveals the real reason why Kincaid was tossed out of Ironhorse's unit. (12)

Gen Fiction

Loose Cannon (by Leesa Warren) Walker, Texas Ranger. A missing scene from "Something in the Shadows." Walker is missing and Trivette is walking on the edge. (4)

A Fan Writer's Mind (by Jerkey Treat) War of the Worlds... sort of. Ironhorse and Blackwood find themselves trapped in the mind of a fan writer. (9) Script format.

Separate Ways (by Mac) War of the Worlds. This story creates a new alternative universe for "The Second Wave." Ironhorse awakes following the destruction of the clone and the Cottage only to find that he's acquired some unusual talents. (19)

No Way Home (by Mac) War of the Worlds. A sequel to "Separate Ways." Ironhorse makes his decision about contacting the Blackwood Project, but fate steps in. (14)

Storyteller (by Cheryl Benson) War of the Worlds. Debi tells her children a story. (2)

On the Edge (by Jody Norman) War of the Worlds... sort of. Set in the Star Trek: The WOW Generation alternative universe. Two members of the Crazy Horse find themselves captive of an alien who learns through torture. (38)

Comaland (by Cheryl Benson) Multi-media. Ever wonder where characters go while they're in a coma? This is the answer! (1)

142 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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