Jerry's Boys #1

A multi-media zine dedicated to the wonderful TV series and films created by exec. producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

Not in My Backyard (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. The team gets dragged into a local disturbance that has far reaching consequences for them, and the people in their community. (24) Reprint

The Plunge (by Kimberly Sears) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Things get out of hand at a crime scene and Grissom and Sara take a fall. (9) On-line

Sacrifice of the White Goat (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. Trout sends the team to Cat Island to find a Senator and his daughter being held by a voodoo priestess. But a straightforward hostage rescue becomes anything but when one of the team dies. (32) Re-print

Saying Goodbye (by Dani Martins) Without a Trace. A tag for "Shadows." Martin attends his aunt's funeral. (7) Debuting

Hidden Assets (by Becca Koldfurr) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. The team must rescue the President of Armenia, who is being held in an insane asylum by his brother, who is plotting a take over. (32) re-print

Thief of Reason (by Grissom Gal 71) CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Grissom finds himself caught in an elaborate web while working on a case. (57) On-line.

Arthur poetry by MC Schisler, debuting. Arthur and Pirates of the Caribbean art by Fliss Davis.

174 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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