Jerry's Boys #2 - The Pirates Issue, Second Edition

A multi-media zine dedicated to the wonderful TV series and films created by exec. producer Jerry Bruckheimer. In this case, we have a special issue with three Pirates of the Caribbean stories!

Angel-Fire (by Denyse M. Bridger) Jack has a vision of things to come. (7)

A Pirate's Gift (by Jill I. Collins) Jack keeps a promise made in the film. (7)

A Journey into Wonder (by Jill I. Collins) A crossover with Lord of the Rings. When Jack is swept overboard, he is picked up by strangers, who nurse him back to health. He repays the debt by helping them protect a sacred treasure. (75)

A Wizard by Any Other Name (by Jill I. Collins) A crossover with Lord of the Rings. Jack and the crew meet up with the folks from Middle Earth again, but this time things are not going as well as expected. (47)

136 pages. $19 U.S. / $22 Canada / $28 Overseas. This includes postage (priority in the U.S., Air Mail to Canada and Global Priority overseas). Please make checks or money orders payable to Cinda Gillilan.

Mail order to: Neon RainBow Press
c/o Cinda Gillilan & Jody Norman
P.O. Box 550647
Atlanta, GA 30355-3147

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