Black Magic #1

A multi-media gen zine with stories that include the original character Dominique D'Esprit Gierard, an agent for a government organization known only as The Vigil. These stories were all previously published in multi-media zines.

That Old Black Magic (by Cinda Gillilan) Lethal Weapon. Riggs and Roger thought their troubles with McAllaister were over, but they are very, very wrong. Dom arrives with the bad news. (45)

A Friend From Out of Town (by Cinda Gillilan) Riptide. Still on the trail of the drug ring that included McAllaister, Dom find herself with an unexpected problem, an injured Nick Ryder. (32)

This Favor Bequeathed (by Cinda Gillilan) Stingray. Ray calls in a favor, but the woman he thinks he contacted is really dead. However, before she died Gabrielle passed along her debt to her sister, Dom. (32)

A Match Made in Heaven (by Cinda Gillilan) Houston Knights. Dom's been tasked with an assassination, but into the middle of her operation steps two Houston detectives – one in danger of dying, the other in danger of getting himself killed... by Dom! (30)

Within the Sound of My Voice (by Cinda Gillilan) Equalizer. McCall assumed that once he and Mickey escaped from the clutches of Intangible Plastics they'd be safe. He was wrong. Dom and Control save the two men, but that's only the beginning of an oddyssey of pain and fear for Mickey. (32)

Sore Thoughts (by Cinda Gillilan) The Devlin Connection. Brian and Nick are fighting – again! But this time the argument means that Brian isn't aware that Nick is missing until it's too late. Dom arrives to help him recover his son before it's too late. (21)

Regrets (by Londa Pfeffer) Walker Texas Ranger. When Dom discovers that Jimmy is missing, it sparks a series of memories about when they met. (11)

In-Law (by Cinda Gillilan) Walker Texas Ranger. Dom finally manages to get to Texas. Jimmy is alive and well, having survived his kidnapping, but that doesn't last long! (27)

244 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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