Black Ops #10

A multi-media gen zine with stories from series that have a military connection (past or present) or a federal agent connection (past or present). The majority of these stories have appeared in multi-media zines, or on-line. Stories that are debuting in this zine are marked.

Commercial Message (by Cheryl Benson) MacGyver. Mac is sure he's found Murdock. (2) Debuting

Compliments of the Nighthawk (by Gillian Holt) Midnight Caller and War of the Worlds. A series of shows on the paranormal puts Jack on a collision course with the Blackwood Project and aliens. (26)

Patterns of Fate (by Denyse M. Bridger) Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Sequel to "Web of Lies" in Black Ops #9. The murders continue, and this time they hit too close to home for Peter. (30)

Hidden Assets (by Becca Koldfurr) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. The team must rescue the President of Armenia, who is being held in an insane asylum by his brother, who is plotting a take over. (28)

Echoes of Death (by Lessa Warren) Poltergeist: The Legacy and Soldier of Fortune, Inc. An entity is free and hunting. And while the Legacy is trying to destroy it, Dawn and Matt find themselves unwilling pawns. (38)

A Small Degree of Acceptance (by Sharon Airey) Pensacola, Wings of Gold. Back from a mission, Burner tries to set things right with Megan. (4) Debuting

The Stranger Within (by Sharon Airey) Pensacola, Wings of Gold. Burner struggles to come to terms with surviving. (3) Debuting

Into the Desert (by Teri Sarick) X-Files, Mysterious Ways and Roswell. Unusual happenings in Roswell, NM draw Mulder and Declan to the community, along with their female partners. Funny thing is, they run into real aliens. (42) Debuting

206 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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