Black Ops #5

A multi-media gen zine with stories from series that have a military connection (past or present) or a federal agent connection (past or present). The majority of these stories have appeared in multi-media zines, or on-line. Stories that are debuting in this zine are marked.

Long Wait Over (by Lynn Gill) Dirty Dozen: The Series. Leaving Roy behind in Denmark was the first domino to fall. The only question is, can they stop the rest before it's too late. (12)

This Simon is Coming Home (by Lynn Gill) Simon and Simon. Rick is coming home from Vietnam, but he sends a letter ahead to warn his mom and AJ. (2)

Slam, Bang, Thank You, Vinnie (by Lynn Gill) Wiseguy. Vinnie has a new assignment, and he's not happy about it. (3)

Guys Like You (by Cinda Gillilan) Lethal Weapon 2. A tag to the second film. Roger knows Riggs really is knockin' on heaven's door, but he's determined to make sure no one answers. (8)

Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot (by Cinda Gillilan) Riptide. An accident on the freeway leaves Nick without his memory, and an old nemesis is more than happy to fill in the missing facts for him, but none of it is the truth. (61)

Dirty Job (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. A missing scene from "Scorned." While Margo fights with Raptor, the guys move in, but they're too late. (9) Debuting.

Vacation (by Kathleen A. Klatte) JAG, X-Files, Walker Texas Ranger and SOF: Special Ops Force. These partners all end up at Disneyland, but a ride at the Haunted House turns up some unexpected consequences. (8)

The Masquerade (by Kathleen A. Klatte) SOF: Special Ops Force. A Halloween trip to a ball reveals some very unexpected guests. (5)

The Gift of Life (by Londa Pfeffer) Walker, Texas Ranger. A robbery turns deadly for Trivette. But saying good-bye is hard to do. (10)

Traffic School (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. Ironhorse and Blackwood both end up having to attend traffic school, but they really don't want the other to know. (6)

The Unsaid: One of Those Days (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. The Blackwood Project's ladies decide it is time for a little time alone to relax, and they know how to get it. (6)

Better Left Unsaid: Boys' Night Out (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. The ladies have had their fun, so now it's time for the boys to have some of their own. Too bad they get busted! (7)

Guide Duty (by Becca Koldfurr) Sentinel and Poltergeist: The Legacy. At a conference, an artifact is reassembled for the first time in centuries, releasing an evil force. Jim, Blair, Derek and Nick race against time to find out who the spirit is and what it wants before more people die. (33)

154 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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