Black Ops #8

A multi-media gen zine with stories from series that have a military connection (past or present) or a federal agent connection (past or present). The majority of these stories have appeared in multi-media zines, or on-line. Stories that are debuting in this zine are marked.

Rescue (by Jamie Hector) Counterstrike. The team has to rescue Alexander before he is taken out of their reach. (11)

To the Wild Country (by Gillian Holt) Stingray and War of the Worlds. When the daughter of an old friend contacts him, Ray finds himself drawn into a situation he doesn't completely comprehend, but luckily for him, there are already people battling the demons Ray's uncovered. (27)

Replay (by Denyse M. Bridger & Jeanne McClure) The Equalizer. In the aftermath of "Mission McCall" Scott's worst nightmares become reality - his father is missing, again. But this time it wasn't the Russians who took him. Scott, Gage and Mickey are on Robert's trail, but the path is confused and full of danger. (42)

Little Drummer Boys (by J.P. Cads) Shadow Chasers and X-Files. Benny and Mulder are on the trail of Santa Claus, and they're each dragging their partners along for the ride. (6)

The Black Orchid (by Denyse M. Bridger) Miami Vice. After several women who work for the same night club, The Black Orchid, turn up dead, Castillo brings in a detective from California to help bring the club owner down. Sonny falls for the woman, but her relationship with Castillo leaves him confused. And confused might just get them both killed. (50)

Ripple Effect (by Cheryl Benson) JAG. A missing scene. Mac says goodbye to Victor. (1) Debuting

Not in My Backyard (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune, Inc. The team gets dragged into a local disturbance that has far reaching consequences for them, and the people in their community. (25) Debuting

A Path Lit by Starlight (by Kathleen A. Klatte) Babylon 5. Some of the Rangers meet the President and his wife. (2) Debuting

178 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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