End of the Rainbow #3

Dogs of War (by JJJunky) Horatio Hornblower. Horatio ends up a captive of the French. (20)

Grandpa (by Susan Macdonald) The Master, A-Team, Cover Up crossover. McAllister meets someone he has been looking for, but things get complicated. (15)

Five Times the Headmaster of Hogwarts Drank Firewhiskey and One Time... (by Susan Macdonald) Harry Potter. The title really says it all. (6)

Torrid Zone (by Sheila Paulson) The Real Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters have to set a wrong to rights. (45)

Happy Hour (by Teri Sarick) Quantum Leap, Early Edition, et al.. Time travel can be a real pain sometimes. (20)

Saved (by Teri Sarick) Lost. An alternative ending to the series. (69)

And a series of shorts by Teri Sarick. (4)

190 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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