End of the Rainbow #4

The Promises (by Sheila Paulson) The Hobbit. Some promises must be kept, no matter how painful. (10)

Tunnels 9/11 (by Teri Sarick) Beauty & the Beast. Vincent is frantic as he waits to hear from his wife and son. (18)

Queen of Spies (by Susan Macdonald) She Spies, Airwolf, The Quest crossover. The She Spies meet the Queen, who was once a spy herself. (15)

R.E.M. (by Teri Sarick) Life on Mars. What's a dream, and what reality? (12)

9 Leverage Stories (by Diane RH Smith) Leverage. These are all Elliot-centric stories, some short and some long. (100)

166 pages. $27 U.S. ($10 for PDF version) / $34 Canada / $41 Overseas. This includes postage (priority in the U.S., Air Mail to Canada and Global Priority overseas). Please make checks or money orders payable to Cinda Gillilan.

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