One in Ten #13

An all-slash multi-media zine. Stories range from the suggestive to the graphic.

The Most Wanted (by Twilight) Sentinel. Un unexpected call leaves Blair in need of some comfort. (4)

The Price of Love (by Mystie) CSI: New York. When Sheldon disappears it's a race to save his life. (8)

Trouble Me (by Eby) Numb3rs. David is resuperatnig and Don is there to see to it he does. (5)

Circumstantial Evidence (by Eby) Evidence. Cole finds is partner sick and need to some TLC. (19)

Mysterous Ways (by Tarlan) American Me/The Ride. While working at a boy's ranch, Smokey meets a new young man who opens up a whole new world. (12)

Home for Christmas (by Tarlan) The Runaways. Mark was a runaway, a kid who was selling his body to survive, but then he's given a chance to change his circumstances. (19)

Eternal Loser (by Tarlan) Without Concent/The Runaways. Mark is now a college graduate, and his life is going great, which is why he wants to see to it that same happens for David. (10)

Kindred Spirit (by Tarlan) McKenna/Silver Wolf. Roy has to decide if he's going to keep his job, or give in to political pressures, so he takes a vacation and runs into Brick McKenna, who gives him a whole new perspective on life. (24)

Hecate's Curse (by Tarlan) Hercules/The Art of War. After being cursed by Hecate, Telamon wanders the earthm an immortal who cannot love for fear of loss, that is until he meets Roy, who is much more than he appears. (25)

Worth Fighting For (by Legion) CSI: Las Vegas. When Grissom and Nick oversee something, all bets are off. (8)

138 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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