One in Ten #2

An all-slash multi-media zine. Stories range from the suggestive to the graphic.

Things That Go Bump in the Night (by H. Ann Walton) Professionals. When Murphy's aunt dies Bodie and Doyle accompany the young man back to the family estate to wrap up her business. Once there they encounter two ghosts who need their help. (23)

Stakeout (by Etch) Houston Knights. LaFiamma and Lundy are set up by an Internal Affairs officer who's on a witchhunt. (8)

I Can't Promise You Forever (by Duval) Houston Knights. Lundy's taking chances and LaFiamma's ready to kill him. Can these partners remain partners? (9)

The Melrose Estate (by Etch) Houston Knights. LaFiamma buys a grand estate for back taxes, but Lundy's not so sure what the big deal's all about. Then he gets a few lessons. (13)

Thank You (by Helena Wolff) Lovejoy. Eric is shot and his near death experience has him thinking about his life. Lovejoy is thinking about Eric, too. Now, if they can just find a way to talk to each other about this... (9)

No Interruptions (by Khylara) MacGyver. Pete and Mac celebrate their anniversary. (4)

The Getaway (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison and Ironhorse are sent off by the rest of the project for a vacation. No aliens, but lots of wine, and sunshine. (7)

Stride for Stride (by Chris Alexander) Counterstrike. A series of missing scenes that let us glimpse into the lives of Stone and Sinclair. (10)

Domestic Problems (by Lee Seibert) Counterstrike. Sinclair's a little peeved with Stone. The ex-SEAL's taking too many chances. (13)

Out in the Open (by Paige Aaron) Walker, Texas Ranger. C.D. is seeing some signs he's not too sure about. When he sets out to find out, he's not at all happy with the answer. (34)

Resurrection (by Ruby) The Sentinel. When it looks like Blair is dead, Jim learns the truth about his feeling for his guide. (14)

Heat (by H. Ann Walton) The Sentinel. Blair has a plan, now, if it just works before he freezes to death. (6)

Good Samaritan (by Casey Squire) The Sentinel. A quiet weekend in the country turns dangerous when a blizzard traps Blair in Simon's cabin and Jim on the road. (7)

Power of Persuasion (by Hailey Daniels) The Burning Zone. Edward and Kim are in Africa and Michael and Danielle are in Hawaii tracking down a new exotic virus that lowers people's inhibitions. (14)

Art by H. Ann Walton and Tami Alexander.

172 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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