One in Ten #3

An all-slash multi-media zine. Stories range from the suggestive to the graphic.

Sons and Lovers (by Jane Symmons) Poltergeist: The Legacy. Nick's got his sights set on a target, and nothing is going to detour him, although he might get some unexpected help. (10)

Chris (by T.L.C.) X-Files. Mulder, Scully and Chris, another agent, who is breaking down some of Mulder's barriers. (10)

Pathways (by Jennifer Lyon) Poltergeist: The Legacy (Derek) and X-Files (Mulder). When a serial killer brings Derek Rayne and Fox Mulder together, the sparks fly. (19)

The Seduction (by Nancy Platte) War of the Worlds. Harrison's longing might just pay off. (8)

No Turning Back (by Elle Cica) Houston Knights. Jamie returns to Houston, hoping to rekindle her romance with Levon Lundy, but she's in for a big surprise - Lundy's already in a relationship. (9)

Long Time Passing (by Duval) Riptide. A trip to San Francisco triggers some bad memories for Nick, and releases some ghosts he hoped were long buried. Now he's asking Cody to understand and make a choice. (24)

Whatever You Say, Boss (by Chris Alexander) Counterstrike. A post-"Survival Instinct" tag. Pete and Stone make up. (6)

Building Bridges (by Paige Aaron) Walker, Texas Ranger. While Jimmy and Alex wait for Walker to return, they begin to build a relationship of their own. (12)

Lifting the Shadows (by Justa Foreau) An adult Walker, Texas Ranger. Gail shows up on Jimmy's doorstep and asks for a favor. (10)

Memories of Love (by Casey Squire) Soldier of Fortune. When Chance stumbles across Benny Ray's secret, he sees possibilities. (9)

Heart Sounds (by McKenzie Griffin) Soldier of Fortune. An extended missing scene and tag to "Last Chance." When Chance almost dies, C.J. discovers feelings he wishes didn't exist. (13)

Keeping Secrets (by Khylara) Simon and Simon. Rick spots A.J.'s car at a bar, then sees his brother leave with a companion. Can his suspicions possibly be true? (11)

Plus Young Guns, War of the Worlds, and Blakes 7 poetry by Khylara.

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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