One in Ten #5

An all-slash multi-media zine. Stories range from the suggestive to the graphic.

Blink of an Eye (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. When Rico is shot and almost killed, Sonny must face some hard truths about his feelings for his partner. (36)

A Long Time Coming (by Duval) Riptide. Nick is trying - real hard! - to accept the fact that Cody and he have actually gotten closer after all these years, but it isn't easy, especially with the Boz around. (10)

Sweet Surrender (by Sweetcheeks) Alias Smith and Jones. Curry isn't happy about the path his and Heyes' relationship is taking, but when he pushes too hard, Heyes lashes out, almost destroying any chance they have for happiness. (14)

A Lifetime Isn't Enough (by McKenzie Griffin) Soldier of Fortune. Chance and C.J. are slowly building their relationship, but in their line of work, they can't count on a future together. Something has to change. (19)

Future Tense (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. Sonny finds himself comforting Rico, but that comfort becomes something more for both men. (7)

Through Your Eyes (by Sweetcheeks) Hercules. Herc and Iolaus learn some interesting new facts about each other, and you know the truth can often lead to new visions... (10)

A Little TLC (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. While being hunted by a posse, Heyes takes a nasty fall and he's hurting. Now they're snowed in an isolated line shack, but the Kid is prepared and more than willing to help his partner with his aches and pains. (12)

When the Past Visits (by Methos) Sentinel and X-Files. Krycek drops in on an old friend of his, Detective Rafe, and the two men renew their old relationship. But nothing wonderful can last forever. (16)

Whom the Heart Chooses (by Hailey Daniels) Swift Justice. Mac and Randall are getting along wonderfully, although Dad doesn't know the truth yet. Then Randall is shot and almost killed. Mac is worrying alone, but his father is a cop after all and he's able to put the pieces together. (40)

Love in a Bottle (by Sweetcheeks) Hercules. Iolaus buys a potion that promises to reveal his true love. Guess who! That's right, but now Hercules is a little miffed. (13)

Never Forgotten (by Bast) Sentinel. Simon is looking for the perfect Christmas present for his Kix, and he finds it, but it comes with a story. (7)

192 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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