One in Ten #7

An all-slash multi-media zine. Stories range from the suggestive to the graphic.

Through the Keyhole (by Kai O'Thay) Alias Smith and Jones and The Adventures of Brisco County Junior. Heyes and the Kid agree to help Brisco and Bowler get into Devil's Hole, but before they can leave the Kid meets Pete, and his piece. (9) Originally published in Devil's Hole #1.

Out of the Ashes (by Lorin Zane) Magnificent Seven. In the aftermath of the truths revealed by Ella Gains, Chris and Vin are able to begin a relationship. (22) Simultaneously published in Seven Card Stud #1.

Still Going Strong (by Morgan MacCarin) Riptide. Nick and Cody celebrate one year as lovers. (7) Originally published in Dyad #17.

Forever Man (by Duval) Houston Knights. Lundy and LaFiamma begin a relationship, realizing that they really do complement each other. (17) Originally published in Dyad #4.

Face of Forever (by Duval) Houston Knights. LaFiamma get a bad scare when he thinks Lundy is dead. (12) Originally published in Dyad #5.

Forever Moving Heaven and Earth (by Duval) Houston Knights. It's Lundy's turn to twitch when LaFiamma turns up missing. (15) Originally published in Over the Edge.

Just One of Those Things (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison decides that the Blackwood Project members need a vacation, but Ironhorse isn't easy to convince. (2) Originally published in Playfellows #4.

And Miles To Go Before I Sleep (by J.P. Cads) War of the Worlds. And old friend of Ironhorse's is in an accident and Paul wants nothing more than to be there for him, but he can't, not with the threat of aliens hanging over his head. But Tony was there for Paul when he faced one of his darkest hours, and he finds a way to go. (28) Originally published in Delicious Agony, Vulgar Ecstasy.

The Promise of Things To Come (by Lorin Zane) Due South. A psychic tells Fraser that he's had a vision: Ray and Fraser are lovers, and someone kills them. Now Benny is being haunted by dreams, and the potential killer is still on the loose. (16) Originally published in Dog Tales at High Moon.

Softly (by Bast) Sentinel. Blair and Jim begin a relationship. (2)

Love Thing (by Bast) Sentinel. Jim and Blair celebrate their anniversary. (2)

Angel (by Shorts) Sentinel. Jim wants a relationship with Rafe, and Rafe would like a relationship with Jim, but neither man thinks that the other is interested. It takes some help from Blair and Henri to get these two together. Then it gets interesting. (25)

Distraction (by Harmony Miller) C.S.I. Facing death can shake anyone up, and Nick needs some TLC, which Warrick is more than happy to provide. (9)

180 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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