One in Ten #8

An all-slash multi-media zine. Stories range from the suggestive to the graphic.

Tender Loving Care (by Nancy Platte) Alias Smith and Jones. The Kid gives Heyes a little TLC. (8) Originally published in Devil's Hole #2.

Homecoming (by Lorin Zane) Magnificent Seven. Vin and Chris break in their newly built home. (7) Simultaneously published in Seven Card Stud #2.

First Steps (by Morgan McCarin) Riptide. Cody finally gets Nick to tell him what's been on his mind. (10) Originally published in Dyad #17.

Torch Song (by Leigh) Miami Vice. Sonny daydreams to the lyrics of a favorite song. (2)

Between Dreams and Reality (by Paige Aaron) Miami Vice. After what happened in "Smugglers Blues" Sonny has to reconsider what it is he wants. (7)

Lonesome Tonight (by Lexi and Paige) Miami Vice. Sonny has to set things right with Rico, and that means going above and beyond the call. (10)

Rage (by Lexi Jordan) Swift Justice. Coffin is mad at Swift, but why? (1)

Dreams (by Lexi Jordan) Swift Justice. Feelings become more clear in the aftermath of a dream. (3)

A Case of Rape (by T.L.C.) X-Files. After Mulder is assaulted, he needs a little TLC from the one he loves. (8)

Feel (by Leigh Williams) Six Feet Under. Nate gains an better insight into his brother. Gen story. (5)

Waiting (by Lexi Jordan) Six Feet Under. When David almost ends up the victim of a serial murderer, he and Keith have a rough go of it, but love means sticking in for the long haul. (27)

Hard Freeze (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison and Paul, snowed in a mountain cabin... with a friend. (5) Originally published in Dyad #13.

And the Greatest of These (by Duval) War of the Worlds. Harrison and Paul celebrate the holidays in their own way. (8) Originally published in Plain Brown Wrapper #2.

Imaginary Lover (by McKenzie Griffin) Andromeda. Tyr is missing, but Dylan still has an unusual encounter with the man. (5)

Rest and Relaxation (by Paige Aaron) Walker, Texas Ranger. Walker, Alex and Jimmy take a vacation, but it's anything but restful as they try to sort out the tangled web of their relationships. (3)

156 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

Please include an age statement when ordering.

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