The Yule Tide #3

A multi-media gen zine with stories set in the Christmas season.

It's a Gift (by Teresa Sarick) Dr. Who. Ever try to give a Time Lord a Christmas gift? Well, don't! (1)

That Ol' Christmas Spirit (by Lynn Gill) Alias Smith and Jones. An Old West twist on the "Gift of the Magi." Heyes and Curry are seeking gifts for each other, but it takes a little help from a local sheriff for them to pull it off. (9)

Christmas is for Miracles (by Heidi J. Manzone) The Fugitive. Richard Kimball's hiding in New York City, but an unexpected Christmas Eve surprise has him worried about being captured. (8)

Take This Heart of Mine (by Sioned Dannan) Riptide. Christmas in Vietnam is a real drag, especially if you're blaming yourself for the death of a friend like Nick is. (7)

Gifts of the (LA) Magi (by K Hanna Korossy) Starsky and Hutch. Christmas is a time for memories and saying thank you, but that can be a little difficult on a limited budget, depending on what you're willing to sacrifice. (6)

So This is Christmas (by Sheri Young) Riptide. Nick's sick and feeling down, so when he opts to skip town for the holidays Cody and Murray are more than happy to agree - on one condition, they're going with him. A trip to Wyoming teaches Nick about the true meaning of Christmas and the power of love. (52)

A Yule in Four Parts (by Gillian Holt) War of the Worlds. The Blackwood Project members each head their separate ways for the Holidays, but where is Ironhorse? (8)

Walk a Mile in My Boots (by Lessa Warren) Walker, Texas Ranger. Trivette stops by a boot store to pick up Walker's gift and ends up a hostage in a botched robbery. Injured and trapped, Trivette has to use all the tricks he knows to keep the robber from killing the rest of the hostages. (14)

On Christmas Day in the Morning (by Jody Norman) Poltergeist: The Legacy. A missing scene/tag to the episode "The Gift." Rachel decides that it's time to clear the air between herself and Derek. Oh, and then there are all those presents! (5)

The Peace Carol (by Rachel Squire) Poltergeist: The Legacy. Another tag to the episode "The Gift." Derek is surprised to find Kat still up at midnight on Christmas Day, but that's okay because he has a few things he needs to tell her. (5)

Our Finest Gifts (by Fallon Zane) Soldier of Fortune. The team's latest mission -- Christmas shopping. But even in the most mundane activities the spirit of the season can shine through. (2)

Let Nothing You Dismay (by Sheila Paulson) Stargate SG-1. Teal'c is confused, Daniel is depressed, Jack is in denial, and Sam's caught the spirit of the season. Now, how to bring the team all together for the holidays? (9)

Ding Dong, Merrily On High (by J.P. Cads) Shadow Chasers. Jon has plans for Christmas Eve, but Benny's sure he can change the man's mind. (3)

The Holly and the Ivy (by J.P. Cads) X-Files. Scully has plans for Christmas Eve, but Mulder's sure he can change her mind. (3)

A Magical Season (by Teresa Sarick) Dr. Who. The Doctor has some special gifts for the inhabitants of a special forest. (2)

Little Saint Nick (by J.P. Cads) Shadow Chasers and X-Files. Mulder, Scully and Jon get the ride of their lives. (3)

The Promise (by Dana Bell) Babylon 5. Sheridan is feeling a little depressed, but there's always hope. (2)

Christmas Wishes (by Ruby) Sentinel. Blair and Jim share a very special holiday. Warning: some slash content. (10)

A Canine Christmas (by Teresa Sarick) This one you just have to read to believe! (3)

Poetry by Laura Cathcart and Teri Sarick. A Christmas crossword by Elaine Batterby. Art work by Teri Sarick. Color cover by H. Ann Walton.

168 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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