Mates #1

This zine was originally published by Queen Press, editors Vicki Martin and H. Ann Walton. We are now agenting the title.

Body in the Bog (by Gena Fisher) A conversation while on a stake-out. (2)

Motherly Love (by Daria Littlejohn) An accident almost kills Doyle, but Bodie discovers he has more strength than he imagined. (3)

Many Happy Returns (by Gena Fisher) Bodie celebrates a birthday. (2)

Only a Dream? (by Daria Littlejohn) Doyle is having nightmares about Bodie dying. (5)

Thoughts in a Storm (by Laine Beck) A few revelations as the boys wait out a storm. (3)

Ears to You (by Gena Fisher) Some good old fashioned tongue in cheek fun... (6)

Hospital Chat-up (by Daria Littlejohn) Doyle sits a bedside vigil on Bodie. (1)

Marketable Assets (by Vicki Martin) A fantasy/action A/U story. Bodie's not sure why he bought the slave Doyle, who was up for auction, but he gets more then he counted on. (24)

Merry Christmas, Bodie (by Daria Littlejohn) The boys celebrate the holidays. (4)

A Hard Day's Night or Bodie the Beatle (by Gena Fisher) Bodie and Doyle are assigned to guard Paul McCartney. (8)

First Prize (by Gypsy) Murphy discovers that he was the one who brought Bodie and Doyle together and they have a great way of paying back a debt of gratitude. (7)

Turning A Page (by Daria Littlejohn) A conversation over tea. (3)

Anniversary (by H. Ann Walton) A look into the relationship between Murphy and Tommy McKay. (9)

The Key (by Gypsy and Helena Wolff) A crossover with Lovejoy. Mix an auction, lots of money, thieves, antique dealers, Bodie, Doyle, and sex of course and shake. Result: a romp with mystery, action and romance! (20)

112 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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