Mates #3

This zine was originally published by Queen Press, editors Vicki Martin and H. Ann Walton. We are now agenting the title.

Return of Ann Holly (by Gena Fisher) Ann's return threatens to tear Bodie and Doyle apart once and for all. (9)

Sweet Charity (by Daria Littlejohn) Doyle agrees to run in a charity race, and he ends up flat on his back. (8)

All in a Day's Work (by Jatona P. Walker) Doyle wakes up, but then he makes his dreams come true. (9)

The Whole Story (by Mirenna) A psychological evaluation reveals some interesting facts about Bodie and Doyle. (10)

The Raw Recruit (by Daria Littlejohn) A new rookie rubs Bodie the wrong way, but he's been stuck with the man... (14)

Bodie's 9th Life (by Gena Fisher) Bodie must lick his 9th life. (5)

Reflections in an Empty Glass (by Londa Pfeffer) Doyle faces the aftermath of June Cook's death. (14)

Paperwork (by Daria Littlejohn) Bodie wonders what Doyle is thinking as they work on some much-hated paperwork. (3)

A Vital Piece of Information (by Setter) Murphy runs into a old friend. (6)

Spike's Place (by Gena Fisher) Bodie and Doyle drop by Spike's. (5)

The Best Medicine (by Baravan) Bodie and Doyle are fighting - again - but it can't last for too long. (7)

Plus poetry by Shepard.

102 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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