Mates #4

This zine was originally published by Queen Press, editors Vicki Martin and H. Ann Walton. We are now agenting the title.

Trouble With Murphy (by Gena Fisher) Bodie and Doyle have killed off Murphy, so, how do they tell Cowley? (9)

Holiday in London (by Cambria) Doyle visits Ann at her home. (9)

The Touch (by Daria Littlejohn) A touch can say oh so much... (3)

From Embers (by Gena Fisher) Bodie shows up at Doyle's door, because he had nowhere else to go. (6)

Changing of the Guard (by H. Ann Walton) Everything changes when Cowley is shot. (38)

Plus poetry by Shepard.

78 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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