Venktheology #1

Flutterpete (by Babsie Wolf) Peter goes gaga for Fluttershy. (11)

Meow (by Sheila Paulson) Peter hears about a famous cat. (3)

Smut (by Spinner Atropos) Peter is getting on Janine's last nerve. (3)

Psychologist Heal Thyself (by Elaine Batterby) Peter disappears for a while. (13)

Mood (by Sheila Paulson) Is there anything else that could go wrong? (7)

Der Besoffenpeter (by Soinner Atropos) Peter laments Dana. (3)

Mudpie (by Sheila Paulson) A spell has Peter something other than himself. (23)

79 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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