APO North Africa

A zine focused around letters. The Rat Patrol and even Hans Dietrich get news in the form of letters that change their lives.

Duty and Honor (by Bobbie Williams) Dietrich has finally captured the Rat Patrol, but a letter from an old friend is going to force the Captain to make a difficult choice - free the Rat Patrol and trust them to help that very same friend. (20)

Journey Back (by Con Featherby) Recovering from an injury, Moffitt is depressed, then he received some interesting news - his father is in the area and he's found an artifact that is too important to ignore, even if it means crossing behind German lines. (24)

The Miracle Raid (by Nett) Moffitt receives some very bad news from home - his brother is dead. Then more bad news, Troy wants to ground him. (21)

The Moonshine Rally Raid (by Jan Ilott & Rhonda Overbeck) A letter from home has Tully acting strange, and when the rest of the Rat Patrol find out what's up, it's a good story! (16)

SNAFU (by Anne Collins Smith) Hitchcock's mail finally catches up with him! (4)

The Deadly Transfer Raid (by C.D. Giesbrecht) Troy gets a word that he is being transferred away from the Rat Patrol. The question now is - will the others survive without him? (22)

The Playing for Time Raid (by Saba) Germans are holding American prisoners, and they plan to kill them. But that could be trouble for German prisoners, so Dietrich decides to enlist some help - from the Rat Patrol. (13)

Ilsa's Letter (by Bobbie Williams) A letter from Dietrich's wife. (2)

The Lost Letter (by Sophonisba) Hitch gets a trinket, that sets Moffitt off on a hunt. (13)

136 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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