Boss and Bodacious #1

Ice Bag (by Sheri Young) A missing scene from "Where the Girls Are." In the heat of the situation, Nick missed the fact that Cody's been hurt. When he finally does he's struck with a case of the "guilts." (7)

Take Care (by Brigitte Wehling) A missing scene from "A Matter of Policy." Cody figures Nick owes him, and he's going to make him pay, and pay, and pay... or at least he's going to make Nick think he's going to pay. (3)

Survival (by Krystina Lee) The three detectives and a paramedic friend head out for an island picnic that turns into a fight for survival when sabotage forces a crashlanding. Then the hitmen show up. It's a good thing that paramedic was along for the ride! (32)

In Spite of It All (by Sheri Young) Nick gets some family news and covers it up with a trip to Disneyland, but the truth still sneaks out. Grief is an emotion that's better shared. (19)

Blood Ties (by Londa Pfeffer) An accident, a kidnapping, and a race against time to save a young boy's life. But there's a complication, the boy is Nick's son. (26)

Work Farm (by Cinda Gillilan) The three detectives are set-up and jailed. But that's just the beginning of an elaborate hit on the three men. Too bad Nick was first in line. (44)

Plus a crossword by Ford and art by Hoovermann and Shiloh.

132 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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