Boss and Bodacious #2

Should Acquaintance Be Forgot (by Sioned Dannan) A hit and run attack on Nick leaves the detective unsure who he is or what he does for a living. Into the void steps a man with a grudge. Cody and Murray have to face their friend, but Nick has no memory about who they are, or why he shouldn't kill them. (53)

Even in the Darkest Night (by Sheri Young) While testing the next generation of choppers for the Army, Nick crashlands. His life slowly ebbing away, Cody's voice is his only lifeline, but can they find him fast enough? (25)

Recover Your Soul (by Sheri Young) Nick was just trying to be helpful when he picked up a package for Cody, then the damned thing blows up and scrambles the detective's memories! Cody finds his wayward partner, but he's not the man he knew before. Believing that Nick was the target, the detectives allow the hunter to quietly stalk his real prey - Cody Allen. (55)

Baxter Bernard, R.I.P. (by Cinda Gillilan) A tag to "Baxter and the Boz." Bax is dead, but he has one last favor to ask the guys. The only question is, can they do what he asks? (12)

With Deepest Appreciation and Gratitude (by Cinda Gillilan) An old friend returns to King Harbor to ask Nick, Cody and Murray to take a trip with her -- to Washington D.C. and the emotional unveiling of the Women's Vietnam Memorial. (10)

160 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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