Boss and Bodacious #3

A Wall Against the Wind (by Sheila Paulson) With a guest appearance by Shadow Chasers. Murray wants Nick and Cody to accompany him to a conference, but the guys have no interest in gremlins and goblins and ghost - oh my! So, Murray goes by himself. But when he's attacked and left for dead, Nick and Cody have to do some serious soul searching, as well as find Murray's attacker before they strike again. (19)

This, I Know (by Sherri Young & Deb Gholson) A post-"The Smiles We Left Behind" story. Cody is still stinging over Janet's second rejection, and nothing Nick and Murray do seems to help. When Murray finally asks Nick what he did the last time this happened, they hit on a plan to pull Cody from his funk. Time, place and circumstances give the three men a chance to explore their friendship and the nature of love. (25)

Changing Realities (by Jody Norman) Murray is out of sorts about a conference and a reunion of sorts - lunch with three friends he'd gone to school with. He's just not sure he's made much of his life. But the tables are turned when all four are abducted by mercenaries working for an old nemesis. And he plans to sell off their collective talents to the highest bidder. While Nick and Cody race to find their friend before it's too late, Murray must draw on everything he's learned as a member of the Riptide Detective Agency to keep them all alive. (50)

Of Fathers and Sons (by Londa Pfeffer) Nick is just getting used to his son knowing that he's his father when Nicky ends up in the hospital for a simple operation that turns out to be anything but. (13)

Here's to the Good Guys (by P.J.D.R. Ford) A crossover with The Greatest American Hero. A case brings Nick, Cody and Murray into the desert where they unexpectedly cross paths with Ralph and Bill. Then Bill's kidnapped, the suit is stolen and Ralph has nowhere to turn but to the men whose lives he saved. Then it gets really complicated! (52)

202 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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