Boss and Bodacious: Special Collection #2

Call On Me, Brother (by Cinda Gillilan) Once before Cody was kidnapped and tortured by Harrison Crawford, but this time Crawford grabs Nick. His reason? Revenge. And he might just have done what nothing before could: destroy a friendship. (34)

More, A Matter of Policy (by Cinda Gillilan) A tag to "A Matter of Policy." Still mad at Nick over how he wrecked the Riptide, Cody holds the 'Vette hostage, forcing Nick to take a bus to the post office. But on the bus is a man crazy with grief, and Nick is in his sights. In the aftermath of a tragedy, Cody searches for a way to keep Nick from giving up. (27)

Depth of a Soul (by Cinda Gillilan) With their friendship going a little wrong, Nick and Cody embrace the opportunity to spend some time apart. But Nick's in for a surprise when a special visitor arrives to help mend his friendship with Cody. (17)

Triskaidekaphobia (by Cinda Gillilan) Nick isn't usually superstitious, but there is one exception, and given his luck, he's right! (9)

Lay Down Your Sword (by Cinda Gillilan) A sequel to "Echoes." Sheriff Kane escapes a Texas mental institution and heads straight back to California to take revenge on Elaine, Nick and Murray. Caught up in the man's twisted plot, Nick is nearly killed, and his soul nearly destroyed. (22)

Reunion at Deadman's Curve (by Cinda Gillilan) A sequel to "Be True to Your School." Five years after his disastrous 15 year reunion, Nick is seeing ghosts. Bebber is back from the dead and challenging Nick to a last race on Deadman's Curve. (18)

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation (by Cinda Gillilan) The detectives head off to Tucson, Arizona. Nick's doing his duty for the Guard, but that duty becomes more complicated when one of his charges spots an unusual sight: A car with three license plates. Then the shooting starts. (25)

A Son (by Cinda Gillilan) A sequel to "Only 36 Hours Until Dawn." When Renee is killed in a plane crash, Nick receives some unsettling news. (4)

164 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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