Mating Rituals #1

Blame it on the Night (by Senta Nahll) Jim's surprise for Blair has an unexpected payoff for both men. (30)

Guide Me (by Ruby) Admitting that you love is a first step, and one that's hard for Jim to take. (4)

Dead as Dead Can Be (by Ruby) An encounter with a psychic, a seance, and a vengeful spirit leads to trouble and bad dreams for Jim and danger for Blair. Suspense and the paranormal. (26)

Carolyn's Visit (by Ruby) Carolyn drops by the loft for a visit with Jim and leaves with a clearer understanding of his relationship with Blair. (5)

Never Bluff, Sandburg! (by Ruby) Blair's got some interesting toys, but Jim can't come play, it's poker night. But graduate students have devious minds, and Blair knows just how to make Ellison squirm. (4)

Heart Beat (by H. Ann Walton) Jim has a poignant disclosure for Blair. (6)

One Night (by Khylara) A post-"Cypher" story. Blair's pretty rattled by his encounter with Lash, and Jim's willing to comfort him. (14)

In the Heart (by Casey Squire) A post-"Warriors" story. Jim knows what he wants, but he's not willing to act. That is, until his dreams and his subconscious conspire against him. (14)

Down and Safe (by Paige Aaron) Blair's on an airplane that has to make an emergency landing. He's okay, but the adrenaline rush is interesting! (7)

The Realities of Love (by Mirenna). No relationship is perfect all the time. (3)

Letting Go (by H. Ann Walton) Warning! Death Story. Grab the kleenex box for this one. This is a death story that will haunt you. When Jim's in an auto accident Blair has to make the hardest decision of his life. (28)

Art by H. Ann Walton and KOZ.

136 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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