Mating Rituals #2

Sharper Vision (by Ruby) Jim and Blair slowly realizing how much they care. (9)

Christmas Wishes (by Ruby) Blair's spending the holidays with Naomi and Jim's home alone, which sparks some real soul searching and more than one revelation when Blair returns early. (11)

Blair's Journal (by Khylara) Little did Blair know that a few words scribbled in his journal would lead to the love of a lifetime. (21)

Possessions (by J.M. Griffin) Jim and Blair's relationship through the eyes of a stranger. (2)

Choices (by Casey Squire) Jim's feeling a little unsure about the relationship he's building, but when all hell breaks loose Jim realizes he might lose the most important person in his life. (20)

Butterfly Wings (by J.M. Griffin) Jim and Blair babysit a special little girl. (10)

Love's Cycles (by Wanda and Summer Rain) Jim's fear forces him to drive Blair away, but the only trouble is, Blair goes. (12)

A Simple Shopping Trip (by Mirenna) An alternative universe story. In a world where Jim is an Enforcer (cop) and Blair a Mage, the partners must rescue a young boy from the ignorance of his father. (25)

Plus poetry by Khylara and Mirenna. Art by Anja Gruber.

126 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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