Mating Rituals #4

Slip of the Tongue (by Teri) Jim and Blair get a little juiced and one thing leads to another...planting the seeds for things to come. (4)

Best Laid Plans (by Teri) After thinking about their hotsprings vacation, Jim and Blair both come to the same conclusion - it's time. (10)

New Visions (by Diamond) A post-"Dead Drop" story. When Blair is almost killed, sentinel and guide both re-think their relationship. (12)

Good to Be Alive (by Diamond) A PWP story. After Jim is almost killed, he reaffirms life in a way Sandburg can't help but approve of. (8)

Making Up Is Hard To Do (by Diamond) A post-Alex story. Blair is thinking about leaving, but he can't go without setting the record straight. (12)

Surfin' USA (by Victoria Bayley) Jim's attraction is growing, and it finally gets out of hand when he offers a massage after a long day of surfing. (25)

His Father's Son (by Chris J. Ueberall) Jim takes his father home and tries to explain about the twists his life has taken. But that explanation gets the sentinel to thinking, and that, in turn, turns to action. (13)

Going for a Ride (by Joanie) A post-Alex story. Blair invites Jim on a bike ride so he can talk to the sentinel about the events surrounding his "death". One thing leads to another...(10)

Sentinel Symbolism (by Rayden Star) Blair talks Jim into accompanying him to see an art movie. (6)

Sepia Tones (by J.M. Griffin) An explanation on why Simon Banks has an Old West photo of his detectives. (3)

Convergence (by J.M. Griffin) An AU story. What if Jim hadn't sought Blair out at the university? What if the Switchman had killed him? What if Jim had a son? What if Blair had a son as well? Find out in this poignant story that touches on a possibility that is very believable. (5)

What is Love (by Bast and Shorts) Jim's ideas about what love is are different. But this is one guide who is determined to teach that love can be beautiful and caring. (14)

A Kiss To Build A Dream On (by Methos) A peek into the start of a beautiful relationship! (7)

Insecurities Overruled (by Bast) A look into the relationship between Simon and Kix. (4)

No More Left To Chance (by Shar) A post-"Dead Drop" story. When Blair is almost killed in that elevator, Jim decides that he can't hide his feelings any longer. (12)

Color cover by K9. Internal art by Anja Gruber.

150 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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