Mating Rituals #5

Fantasy (by Meg Carruthers) Every boy has his flights of fantasy, but Jim's are wandering off in directions he never expected after Blair starts hounding him for details about his latest "conquest." (8)

Christmas Dream Come True (by Lee Seibert) It's Christmas time and Blair is wishing that Santa would bring him something special for the Holiday - namely his Sentinel in nothing but a bow! (27)

Hot (by Meg Carruthers) A heatwave has turned the temperature up on more than just the weather. So when Jim catches Blair jerking off upstairs in HIS bed, he just has to push it as far as it'll go, and since it's Blair, it goes plenty far! (9)

The First Noel (by Duval) Their Christmas break brings several unexpected twists - a snow storm, a hidden secret, and a Christmas Eve that neither Jim nor Blair will ever forget! (46)

Natural Discovery (by Bast & Tigermoon) A camping trip - complete with a skinny dip - turns out to be VERY revealing! (9)

Macho Man (by Shorts) Jim and Blair are comfortable with their on-going relationship, but they're still in the closet at work. But a Halloween party provides just the cover they need to dispel some rumors - and start a few others! (10)

Second Chances (by Lee Seibert) When Blair is killed by a female Sentinel, Jim has to re-evaluate what his Guide means to him, and their future relationship. (16) Originally published in One in Ten #4.

Jungle Love (by Casey Squire) Jim comes home to find Blair suffering from a bad headache. He only wants to help, but his Guide's reaction to his ministrations triggers a reaction in Jim that neither man would have prepared for. (22) Originally published in One in Ten #4.

Good Samaritan (by Casey Squire) Jim and Blair decide to take some time and head up to Simon's cabin so they can sort out their new relationship, but a freak storm and an unexpected complication makes that easier said than done. (9) Originally published in One in Ten #2.

Color cover by K9. Internal art by Anja Gruber.

144 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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