Mating Rituals #6

Sleepwalker (by Melinda Holley) In the aftermath of his encounter with Lash, Blair is having some problems sleeping, but his subconscious knows where to get help. (5)

Unexpected Visit (by KAM) An old Army buddy of Jim's shows up at the loft, but when he wants more than either Blair or Jim are willing to give, all hell breaks loose. (5)

Prisoner X Missing Scene (by Melinda Holley) Jim listens to the prisoners' comments about his Guide. (4)

Guilt (by Melinda Holley) Jim just wanted a little time to himself, to sort out his feeling for Blair, but the best laid plans are bound to go wrong. (8)

Love Me Silent (by Amethyst) After a long day, Jim goes home to the one person who fills him up in every way. (6)

Baby Steps (by Meg Carruthers) Steven arrives, inviting Jim and Blair out to dinner and Jim decides he's going to use the opportunity to break the news of his relationship with Blair, but Steven has some secrets of his own to share. (14)

Calming the Savage Beast (by Melinda Holley) Jim's in a downright pissy mood, but Blair knows how to fix it. (6)

Broken (by Garnet) A poetic look into Jim's thoughts about Blair. (6)

Blue Blair (by Meg Carruthers) Jim's been thinking about Laura McCarthy, and Blair decides to erase the memory in his own unique way. (8)

Life on the Streets (by Lee Seibert) While doing ethnographic research within the homeless community Blair gets caught up in a gang killing that costs him his memory, and maybe his life. (25)

Before the Night Is Over (by Duval) While on a case, Jim is captured and faces certain death if his Guide can't find him in time. But Blair can't get anyone to believe him when he tells them Jim's in trouble. (38)

A Little TLC (by Lee Seibert) Blair's had one very, very bad day, but Jim's home early and has the perfect remedy. (7)

Plus poetry by Duval and Khylara, and a filk by Melinda Holley.

146 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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