Sensory Overload #1

Blind Faith (by McKenzie Griffin) A missing scene from "Blind Man's Bluff" that fills in the time from Blair's collapse in the police garage to his eventual return to consciousness in the hospital. (9)

Bomb Squad (by Sandy Fiore) Sandburg, a street kid and a bomb. Need we say more? (4)

The Joke's On You (by Cathy Schlein) Someone's stalking Sandburg and playing practical jokes that are getting deadly. Ellison is on a murder case that he seems to be allergic to. Neither may survive. (28)

Touch Me Not (by Sheila Paulson) A blow to the head sends Ellison's sense of touch into hyper-drive. The results send Sandburg into a face off with a speeding car, a confrontation he loses. (21)

Lost Direction (by Theresa Evans) Caves and crazed boyfriends are not the right mix for an enjoyable weekend of spelunking, as Jim and Blair discover. (17)

Unwilling Sacrifice (by Krystina Lee) When a professor gives Blair the task of identifying several artifacts, warning bells go off. Then he disappears. Can Jim find him before he becomes the soup de jour for an ancient god? (15)

Shadowed Memories (by Debbie Pack) Blair's sick, he's hurt, and he's being hunted. Too bad he can't remember who he is. Where's a sentinel when you need him? Looking for his guide, of course! Better hurry, Jim! (32)

Ambush (by Cheryl Benson) Blair is framed for murder, Jim is stalked, and the worst is yet to come. (16)

Feeding on Dreams (by Gena Fisher) Jim is having nightmares, or is he seeing demons? Kero, dream, or evil entity? Jim'd better find out, and right now. Sandburg's life hangs in the balance. (19)

Top 10 Lists from Jane Mailander and Jane Edgeworth. Color cover by H. Ann Walton.

174 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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