New Worlds & False Gods #1

Sunny Day (by Glenda Young-Christian) Jack O'Neill contemplates his future. (2)

Rainy Night (by Glenda Young-Christian) Daniel Jackson faces his future. (2)

Conquer Fate (by Valerie DeVries) Daniel is possessed by a Goa'uld and the team rushes to save the anthropologist's life. (21)

Gifts (by Sheila Paulson) Ancient artifacts, a deserted world, and children-soldiers. A routine mission turns deadly for the SG-1 team when they encounter the "gifted" descendants of ancient Egypt. (44)

Rebel Sons (by Paula Smus) The SG-1 team find the descendants of Akhenaten, worshipers of Aten – a rival sun God for Ra. But all is not what it seems, and Daniel is the one caught in the crossfire of deception. (14)

Shadows (by Joyce Strohm) The team meet the Gommorians, a race of soul-sucking ghosts who are looking to quench their insatiable thirst with a couple of humans named Jack and Daniel. (45)

A Friend in Need (by Larie Stoley) When Daniel is injured on a mission, Jack elects to stay behind with the dying man. Can Carter and Teal'c bring back help in time? (20)

Serpent's Legacy (by Joyce Strohm) Jack and Daniel do a little soul searching after they destroy Apophis' ship. (3)

Poetry by Lynn Gill and art by Lana G. Merkel.

162 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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