New Worlds & False Gods #2

Friend or Foe (by Paula Smus) Their memories stripped away, Daniel and Teal'c become weapons to be used against O'Neill and Carter. (16)

After the Rain (by Kelly Benson) Jack's visit to his son's grave opens old wounds and heals others. (4)

Aftershocks (by Brenda Anders) Post-"Serpent's Lair." Daniel is having trouble coping and turns to Catherine for help. She turns to Jack. (4)

Down Time (by Graculus) Daniel was hoping to avoid Jack, but that proves to be impossible. (4)

Step By Step (by JAS) A missing scene and tag from "One False Step." Jack and Daniel get themselves off PJ2-445, but the events on-planet haunts both men. (8)

Alliances (by Sheila Paulson) A crossover with Shadow Chasers. A chance meeting between SG-1 and the two shadow chasers, Jonathan McKensie and Edgar Benedek leads to some interesting fireworks back at SGC! (37)

This Side of the Mirror (by Cathy Lussier) Missing scene. Ever wonder what was happening on P3R-233 while Daniel was visiting the alternate earth? Well, here you can find out. (14)

Dark Mirror (by Valerie DeVries) A post-"Need" tag. For Jack, helping Daniel beat his addiction to the sarcophagus means facing his own past. (14)

Objective Eye (by K Hanna Korossy) A missing scene from "Need." Teal'c takes his turn sitting with Daniel Jackson, bringing the man a little perspective. (6)

To Close My Eyes and See Forever (by Anna Man) SG-1 witness what can only be Jack O'Neill's death. While Sam and Teal'c deal with the loss in their own way, Daniel refuses to believe it's true. When it appears that Jack is indeed dead, Daniel loses the will to live. (38)

A Short Tale (by Elyse Dickinson) Ever wonder why Daniel's hair was cut so short? Well, here's the answer! (2)

Occupational Hazards (by Kaliope) On another alien planet, Daniel is possessed. Can he make Jack understand in time to save his own life and the life of the alien within? (12)

Hat Trick (by R.J. Miller) A post-"Legacy" tag. Daniel isn't coping well with the memories of his confinement, and for good reason, as Jack discovers. (8)

Terra Forte (by Nancy Campbell) On an alien planet SG-1 meet a group of people with amazing powers. Between deadly infections, psychic healings, and Goa'uld attacks SG-1 must fight for their lives and the lives of the others. (21)

Poetry by Cinda Gillilan.

240 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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