New Worlds & False Gods #3

Go, Already (by Marcia Brin) An AU ending to "Enigma." Jack tells off some alien visitors off – big time! (2)

One Step Back (by JackJunkie) A tag to "One False Step." Jack invites Daniel out for a drink and some talk, too bad things go wrong – but he does get his chat! (6)

Major Incident (by Leigh Williams) When Sam gets hurt showing Teal'c one of Earth's customs, the Jaffa becomes her own personal mother hen... (14)

Wild (by Gatejunkie) Jack invites the team over for a poker night, and learns a lot about Daniel and his psychology. (8)

Learning By Heart (by K Hanna Korossy) Daniel takes Teal'c to the mall to look for a birthday gift for Sam, and it's an education for both men! (9)

To Err is Human (by Kelly Benson) A post-"Matter of Time" story. Daniel seeks out Jack to see how he's doing. (6)

Waiting Game (by Leigh Williams) When Jack is injured, the team, and Sara rally around. (6)

Jack's Friend (by K Hanna Korossy) Jack treats Teal'c to a Thanksgiving dinner at a local diner. (6)

Dying Free (by Sheila Paulson) A tag to "Forever in a Day." Teal'c has to make his peace with Daniel Jackson. (9)

Echo (JJJunky) A script for an episode that should have been filmed! The team meets itself on the other side of the Gate, and they race to save them from destruction. (43)

Common Ground (by Londa Pfeffer) A tag from "Fair Game." Jack and Teal'c talk at each other, then with each other as the Jaffa and the Colonel learn more about each other. (12)

Poetry by Marcia Brin.

126 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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