New Worlds & False Gods #5

Ice Breakers (by K Hanna Korossy) In the aftermath of dealing with Machello and his body-swapping device, Daniel is in need of some downtime, but his night out is the beginning of an obsession for Teal'c. (9)

Reflections of Acceptance (by Gallagater) While on an alien planet, Jack encounters a device that lets him see another version of reality, one where Charlie lived, but at a very high price. (12)

Absolution (by Marcia Brin) A post-"Fifth Man" poem. (2)

Nightmare (by Cheryl Benson) Jack's having nightmares, and Janet finds out about them. (3)

Field Trip (by Sheila Paulson) Teal'c goes into town with Jack, but there is more afoot than he expects. (13)

Out of the Ashes (by Judith Proctor) Sam helps Jack deal with almost ending up a host. (4)

Pride Goeth Before the Fall (by Gallagater) When Jack is injured on a mission, he finds he's not the macho colonel he thinks he is. (15)

Candles (by Leigh Williams) Teal'c needs to build some rituals of his own on his adopted new world. (3)

Aces (by Mae Hemm) Daniel is going crazy, therefore, he's on the hunt, but what he finds isn't what he expected, which is why he's going nuts. (9)

Thanks, Doc (by Loretta Greco) Jack has to thank Janet. (3)

Thanks, Daniel (by Loretta Greco) In an alternative vision, Jack has to thank Daniel. (2)

Exodus (by Marcia Brin) A poetic look at what it's like to love and lose. (4)

Of Cabbages and Kings (by Marcia Brin) While on a mission Jack meets someone unusual. (5)

Village of the Damned (by Becca Koldfurr) When the SGC receives a message from the planet where a special team and Daniel are supposed to be helping the locals in exchange for technology to protect earth from the Goa'uld, Jack, Sam and Teal'c have no choice but to return, but they could be walking into a deadly trap. (38)

126 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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