New Worlds & False Gods #6

Nine Days in a Battle Called Life (by Gallagater) A look into the heart and soul of Jack O'Neill as he struggles to survive. (16)

Bad Days at the SGC (by Cheryl Benson) When the members of SG-1 have to give up some of their favorite things, they all get a little testy. (4)

Clothes Make the Man (by K Hanna Korossy) Jack takes Teal'c shopping for clothes... need we say more? (8)

Kids (by Cheryl Benson) While waiting to testify in a Congressional hearing, Jack meets a new friend and realizes the importance of children in his life. (2)

The Shining One (by Sheila Paulson) SG-1 believe Daniel is dead, but that doesn't mean they can shirk their responsibilities. So, when the people responsible for his death ask them to return, no one is happy. (15)

Ten Days in a Tel'tac (by Sue Corkill & Wendy Parkinson) While making a trip the team learn some interesting things about each other. (15)

Riffs in the Key of Stargate: The Warriors Concerto (by Marcia Brin) A skillfully rendered series of missing scenes from five seasons of episodes that highlights the hidden side of our warriors. (23)

What's in a Name (by Cheryl Benson) Jack has some strong opinions about what to name their new spacecraft. (1)

The Sirens of P3X292 (by Nancy Campbell) Jonas and Jack find themselves trapped on an alien world, and with little hope for escape unless the Colonel's stubbornness can get them though. (53)

Gauntlet (by Leigh Williams) A trip into the mountains turns deadly when Jack, Daniel and Sam are stalked by a hunter with a personal grudge. (52)

182 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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