All Trek - The Special Gen Collection

Dear Trek Fan,

We make available a collection of gen fiction, as well as collections of other single universes. The stories in these collections all come from zines we have already published, zines that are still in print, so we ask that you do not copy these stories for other fans. Send them to us, please, as it offsets the cost of current print runs. Many thanks.

Title Author Source Incarnation
Blind Man's Bluff Jill Thomasson Ouch! #2 Original Series
The Dinner Pamela J. Corsa Not in Your Wildest Dreams Original Series
Pictures of the Mind Cheryl Benson Compadres #3 Next Gen
Serendipity Sue-Ann Sarick Compadres #24 Next Gen
Time Distort Denyse M. Bridger Compadres #28 Next Gen
Bad Day at Deep Space 9 Cheryl Benson Obsessions Deep Space 9
Physician, Heal Thyself Valerie DeVries Ouch! #3 Deep Space 9
Nameless Here Forevermore Valerie DeVries A Small Circle of Friends #3 Deep Space 9
Poisonous Thoughts Kristi Nelson A Small Circle of Friends #3 Voyager
You Call This Shore Leave? Kristi Nelson A Small Circle of Friends #7 Voyager
In Harm's Way Valerie DeVries Compadres #10 Voyager
The Three Lives of Seska Soquili Compadres #30 Voyager
Lost Aline Black Ops #10 Voyager
It's Time Again For... Laura Michaels Compadres #28 Enterprise
1Mr. Monk & the Starship Teri Sarick Compadres #28 Enterprise
Amanda Cayne Villanueva Available here only Star Trek
2 What Friends Do Sue Ann Sarick Compadres #25 Next Gen

1 A crossover with Monk.

2 A crossover with Nowhere Man.

318 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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